By car to train and JUMP to the Bohinjska Bistrica


  • The line connecting Bohinjska Bistrica and Most na Soči and representing the shortest route between Gorenjska and Primorska.
  • The Bohinj tunnel is the longest railway tunnel in Slovenia (6.327 m). 
  • You can load your car, van, semi-trailer or motorhom.
  • Where to buy TICKETS? Motorail tickets are purchased on-board from the train conductor.
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    Spend a day a bit differently. Steam locomotive, emerald river Soča and Goriška Brda will definitely be an interesting idea for your trip.  The information you need for a great trip: CLIK HERE!

    Motorail Most na Soči – Bohinjska Bistrica

To see in Bovec

  1. Virje Waterfall
    Virje Waterfall

    Slap Virje is a nice waterfall located at Plužna, west of Bovec. A poorly marked route – help with navigation. Slap Virje is only 12 meters high and has a wide of appr. 20 meter. You can only enjoy the sound and the view, or choose and swim in the green shades of the river. Best time to visit Slap Virje is after heavy rainfall or late springtime when there is a lot of melted snow in springtime.

  2. Boka Waterfall
    Boka Waterfall

    Boka with its 106 m is the most powerful Slovenian waterfall. The idea of the magical feel of this place, a river scene from Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian was filmed just a little bit further down the road.

  3. Kozjak Waterfalls – The Kozjak Waterfall is accessible from the Kobarid – Drežnica road. There is a turnoff to the falls soon after the intersection beside the Napoleon Bridge and a big parking lot on your right just in front of Camp Koren. Follow a nice marked trail for 30 min. You must know in summertime it can be very crowded. Most tourists are just this waterfall choice for “the best” or “you need to visit.”
  4. Fort Hermann Location:
    Fort Hermann

    The Kluže Fort lies 4 km out of Bovec in the direction of the Predel mountain pass.

  5. The Šunik water grove, Location: Lepena 9, 5232 Soča. In the summer, it’s really cooler here. Several footbridges are crossing the pools and waterfalls. My favorite point.
  6. Bovec beach – Take advantage of the sunny day for lunch, sunbathing or picnic along the Emerald Soča River.
    Refreshing river Soca – an unforgettable experience!

    Need a hiking backpack for a child? Included in the price of the apartment “Fairy River”. The use of a backpack, of course, is at your own risk.